Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings

     “Laugh like a Yogi”

Two Days Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training:

A two day training course of 22 hours to become a fully Certified Laughter Yoga Leader affiliated with Dr. Madan Kataria and the International Laughter Yoga University.

What you will learn in Certified Teacher Training:

After completing this 2 days training, you will be a Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and authorised to start Laughter Yoga Centers or Clubs and add more laughter to your and everyone’s life. You will also be trained to conduct Laughter Yoga Seminars, Workshops for corporates, companies, hospitals, schools, colleges & universities, old age homes, prisons, children with special needs etc.

During the course, you will learn how to lead a group of people through simulated Laughter Yoga Techniques and skills of converting this simulated laughter into real infectious and spontaneous laughter without using jokes, comedy or humor. You will be given an opportunity to lead a laughter session during practice sessions.

You will also learn the powerful technique of real and deeper Laughter Meditation, where you do not have to make any effort to laugh, and laughter flows like a fountain. You will be taught how to lead the people through guided relaxation and other grounding techniques. You will get the opportunity to watch some video presentations on Laughter Clubs, and the experience of Laughter Yoga in public parks, companies and corporations, schools for visually challenged persons, deaf and mute children, prisoners etc. Besides this, you will also learn how to do Laughter Yoga all by yourself.

You will recieve:  

1. Laughter Yoga Leader Manual
2. Laughter Resource DVD
3. Ebook: Laugh For No Reason
4. International Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate recognized by the “Laughter Yoga University” of Dr Madan Kataria, Banglore, India. 

Laughter Yoga can be value added to the following professionals:

All kinds of Yoga Teachers and Trainers, Alternative Therapist and Healers, Recreation Activity facilitators, Tai Chi & Chi kung teachers, Physical fitness trainers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists, Doctors & Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Health Care Workers, Professional Speakers, HR Trainers, Clowns and Comedians etc.

Note: In this training Ananda Das will connect some elements of Kundalini Yoga to enhance the practice and understanding of Laughter Yoga. The two very ancient and sacred sciences of awareness coming from India.

“I Laugh You”


Ananda Das talks on
Awakening Through
Laughter Yoga,
Switzerland, Dec 2017.


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About Yoga

“When there is no mind, you are in Yoga; when there is mind you are not in Yoga. So you may do all the postures, but if the mind goes on functioning, if you go on thinking, you are not in Yoga. Yoga is the state of No-Mind. If you can be without the mind without doing any posture, you have become a perfect Yogi. It has happened to many without doing any postures, and it has not happened to many who have been doing postures for many lives”. Osho